How Do Toll Free Numbers Work? Technically, when a customer dials a toll free number, the Local Exchange Company will search the SMS800 database to determine the company which is responsible for carrying the call. The company will pick up the call, apply appropriate features like routing etc., create a call record to be used in billing, and route the call to the terminating number to which the toll free number has been programmed. This process is virtually transparent to the caller. Hence, the caller does not have any knowledge that his call was routed. The customer just receives the benefit of free calling online. Does It Need Any Special Equipment? To be precise, a toll free number forwards any regular local number. You do not need any special equipment, installation or additional line. Moreover, you can enjoy all the features that you have on a local line, including Caller ID, Voicemail, Call forwarding etc. This gives your caller an impression that he has dialled a local number. What are the Services included with Toll Free Numbers? Toll free numbers provide all the features provided by a local company. Due to features like Caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, rollovers etc., the local number is not affected and regular calls can not be distinguished from free calling online. A toll free number can be considered a remote call forwarding number without any physical location. It just forwards the call to wherever you want it connected.