Is free toll free number necessary for achieving success in business? With competition getting fierce, it has become essential for every business establishment to be readily available to its customers as and when required. The latest in fashion are the toll free numbers that do enhance the communication and image of the business, hence making it a compulsory. Is free toll free number free for both potential and existing customers? Yes, it is very much free for the customers, who do not have to pay any money. All the call charges are borne by the organization that owns the number. Moreover, the customers can have peace of mind, while conversing with the representatives of the business to know the products and services in details. Has the free toll free number produced any better result for the organization? Yes, toll free numbers are quite useful in enhancing the business and to increase its volume of sales. This is because, the customers are able to make informed decisions on their purchase and this way, even the returns are minimized to a negligible amount or almost nil. Is it possible to attract global customers with the free toll free number? Since organizations having toll free numbers are respected by customers across the globe, it is very much possible to have positive effects on them on a global scale. The toll free numbers do provide a wonderful opportunity to the establishments to expand their business in a big way and to enjoy minimized competition.