There are some common questions raised by many about how to forward calls. Here are some common FAQs answered: 1. How to forward calls with the help of network operator short codes? Using the network operator short codes you need to dial **21*after which you need to type in the number you want to forward the calls to and then follow it up with a hash. For instance, **21*9953049919#. You should receive a confirmation message after that, stating that the call forwarding service has been enabled on your phone. 2. what costs would I incur to activate the call forwarding service? Usually, there is no cost incurred but the service costs vary from one service provider to another. It is best to clarify this with your network service provider. 3. How to forward calls from my home telephone to my mobile number? If you wish to know how to forward calls from your landline to your cellphone, you need to contact your landline service provider. They will offer information on how to forward calls from the landline number to your mobile number. You can also verify the costs associated with such a service.