Toll free numbers are unique telephone numbers that offer the caller free calling charges and the receiver is the one charged the cost of the call. If you already know how to make international calls, you will find that the charges are generally higher than local calls, still Toll free numbers become useful especially when you need to cut costs for your customers and want them to call you. Some of the features of Toll free numbers include:
  1. Call routing: Toll free numbers can be configured to have advanced options in routing including fail over, call direct and time-of-day.
  2. Voice mail messaging: With toll free numbers you can listen to your messages anywhere, anytime on your phone or in your computer. They can be configured to send all messages to your phone and computer.
  3. Call Recording: Calls to your toll free numbers can be recorded and stored for future use.
  4. Audio Conferencing- The US and international toll free numbers can access an on-demand audio conference room used by a company once configured to do so.