Features of Vanity Toll Free Numbers

When purchasing a vanity toll free number, you can actually get many features that will make your customers want to work with you all the time. However, not all phone companies or third-party services will offer you the same features, and this is why you should always compare plans and features before choosing any.

Voice mail and fax – Many services will enable you to receive fax messages and voice mails along with vanity toll free numbers. Some providers will permit you to record a personalized voice mail greeting, set the maximum length of your callers’ messages and mention how many seconds before voice mail answers the call.

Conferencing – Another feature that is provided by most phone companies and services providers is conferencing. You can conduct conferences with 25-30 people for as long as you want, paying the same per-minute rate for every conference participant that calls your vanity toll number.

Call Blocking – Many phone companies and service providers allow you to customize the area from which you can receive calls. You can allow or block calls depending on area code, state, area code + prefix or a specific phone number if you desire. Based on the provider that you choose, blocked calls can be sent directly to voice mail, a busy signal, an error message or continuous ringing.

Scheduled Call Forwarding – You can set a schedule to automatically forward your calls to other phone numbers depending on: area code, state, time, day or specific phone number.

Maximum Call Length – Many service providers will allow you to set the maximum length of your calls. Once a call reaches the maximum length, it will be automatically disconnected. Furthermore, if you are frequently using your voice mail feature, you can also set the maximum duration of a message.

Online Management – One of the best parts about vanity toll free numbers is the online management feature that they come along with. You can track your calls, record call analytics reports, etc.