An educational institute needs to be in touch with the students and their parents to form a strong bond between them and their clients. This is, however as much demanding as much it is essential. The high number of students makes it quite complicated to dial to each and every one, and keep the costs down as well. The hosted call solutions from Vicidial could make this happen with utmost ease.

Timely alerts!

A dialer called Call Blitzer comes expedient with regard to special announcements of different events, notification of marks to the parents, delivering the attendance report to the students, allowing making an appointment with the teacher etc. The calls could either be made live, or a recorded message being sent. All in all, very effective.

The Cost Element

Traditionally schools opted for expensive and at times ineffective hardware and software for each of their departments. However, with the availability of Vicidial solutions, you could avail the merits of those costly tools without actually buying them. That’s the impact of current technology, and we make it easier for you to avail. Just sign up for a web-hosted solution and leave the rest on us, all on very less expenditure.