855 Toll-free numbers: Well, if your question is ‘ is 855 Toll Free? ‘, it’s a big Yes. Please read further to know more about it. Toll-free number or free phone number is the telephone number exclusively availed to customers for making calls free of cost. The telephone carrier will remain responsible of the call charges incurred by callers. There are several such numbers including 800, 0800, 1-800, 866, 877, etc. Next in the list is 855 toll-free numbers which was introduced recently by SMS 800 National Database. Those who are into business will want to have easier communication with their fellow customers. And, it is undoubtedly the toll-free number that is the best choice of communication, as the customer has nothing to spend on the money part for effective and instant communication. As these can help in nationwide access to your customers, this will certainly increase the productivity and serve as a pathway to understand the customer complaints or doubts and resolve them with no time delay.