Is 855 Toll free? For those who are doubtful if ‘855’ is toll free, here is the answer. Yes, it is. This is just like other toll-free numbers: 800, 0800, 1-800, 866 or 877. ‘855’ is the recently introduced toll-free number that is of great help especially for small scale businesses. Being a newly launched one, this has plethora of vanity numbers for customers to choose from. How can one get ‘855’ toll-free number? With the advent of internet, almost everything you need is left just a few clicks away. This being the case, obviously, you can get your ‘855’ toll-free number through the internet. There are number of websites that let you get your toll-free number, be it a normal, vanity, local or national. Besides selling these numbers, the provider will also avail support in recording a customized greeting call, creating the list of menu options, set up exclusive team for customer set up, etc. For those who want to attend calls from anywhere, call forwarding to mobile phone will be a very useful option. How much does it cost? The starting price of the ‘855’ toll-free is approximately twelve dollars per month. One can either opt for monthly or annual package depending on their requirement.