Information about 866 toll free numbers Is 866 toll free? Yes, 866 is a toll-free number meant for free of charge calling by people from all parts of the world. By dialing numbers starting with this three digits, can expect to connect with individuals and businesses, without having to pay a single penny for the calls. The charge is only paid by the called party. This number can be connected directly to a personal phone number of business call line. How are 866 numbers assigned to groups or individuals? The 866 numbers been toll-free are assigned in a first-come-first-serve basis. Entities knows as ‘Responsible Organizations’ offer this toll-free service to providers. They are not always telephone companies have access to the SMS/800 database. How can one obtain such a toll-free number? Any toll-free service provider can be contacted to get an 866 number. These Responsible Organizations or ‘RespOrgs’ will reserve a number of the subscriber by accessing the database. In the United States there are hundreds of RespOrgs and they offer toll-service for numbers like 866. What is referred to as ‘warehousing’ of toll-free numbers? ‘Warehousing’ refers to a legally reserving a number by a RespOrg, without being contacted by a subscriber. If no one has reserved the number, then a company cannot keep the number for store. With warehousing is found then the particular organization will be penalized. No warehousing by subscribers Not only for the number 866, but for any other number, a subscriber also cannot conduct warehousing. It is illegal and is completely prohibited.