Knowing more about 877 numbers Is 877 toll free? Yes. Numbers starting with 877 are toll-free and are used in the United States. A lot of businesses today are procuring these numbers and they are very helpful in gathering a proper customer base. One can easily get this number and get started with a free trail. The call to this number can be easily forwarded to any of the existing phone lines with the company, be it land-line, mobile-phone or PBX. The setting for this number can be changed anytime. Why should a business acquire 877 numbers? A business should most definitely get these numbers and make it possible for customers to reach it. This will help increase the bottom-line of the business. If your business takes this number then customers from all over the world would be able to call you at any time, without any cost. Why would customers be eager to call at 877 numbers? Because the call is free, your customers will not regret making the call if they are unhappy without your response or service. As soon as they make a call their call will be routed to your existing phone lines. How is the charges levied? The charge of the call is not taken from the caller, but from the company to whom the call has been made. The call party is charged by the telephone carrier. How helpful are these numbers? These numbers have themselves created industries like direct marketing and catalog shopping. 877 toll-free numbers today can deliver calls to corporate giants like Fortune 500 and well as very small candlestick companies.