We know what your call centre needs

We at Vicidial have solutions that can cater to the exact needs and specifications of a call centre regardless of the size of the call centre. With our solutions, we provide you with flexibility that helps solve all forms of problems quite easily. The software that we will provide you with will have the power and the ability to help you run all sizes of call centers from the very large to the very small ones too.

The features of the software that we provide you with

The software solution that we have formulated for you has been incorporated from an algorithm that has the ability to detect when an agent is free faster than any other soft ware out there. There by helping to increase your efficiency of the call centre. It has the ability to adapt to the environment and to the work that it is being used for. This adaptability helps it to understand the ways of the working of the environment allowing the software to make more accurate and faster predictions; this result in increasing the efficiency of the software by tenfold.

Our software analyzes the duration of calls and other values accordingly to make sure that the predictions that it makes regarding whether an agent is free or not have the greatest amount of accuracy.

This software has the ability to adjust the dialing speeds of various calls. This software even has the ability to dial up to thousands of house hold numbers simultaneously.

This software is intelligent enough to recognize the human sound; only once it confirms that the person on the other end is a breathing human being does the software transmit the call back to the agent in the call centre. This computers intelligence spares the agents in the call centers from wasting time due to phone that was already engaged or a machine answering and not a human.