1. Get an understanding of the issue that the customers calling about repeat back to the customer the issue with “I will be glad to help you—”
    1. example
    2. customer: my toll-free number is not working and I do not know why
    3. Rep: I will be glad to help you— find out why your toll-free number is not working
  1. retrieve and verify account information
    1. verify first and last name
    2. verify e-mail address on file
    3. verify address –update address if not complete
  1. Fix customers issue
update payment information—
  1. always check the account to see if active credit card exist.
  2. If no active credit card exist ask customer to update payment information.
  3. Also ask to run the credit card for minimum $25 prepayment.
  1. example
“Would you mind if I ran this payment method for our normal $25 prepayment? This lets us know that your card is working correctly and also ensures that you have a pre-spinning limit on file to prevent your service from being disrupted”