At Vicidial Solutions, we take the success of each and every client very seriously. We believe that our clients will derive more value from our solutions if we work them as a team, even after we have sold them the solutions and deployed it. It is because of this understanding that we guarantee personalized, comprehensive and super quality service for all predictive dialer solutions we sell.

Here are the reasons why we believe that our customer support is far better than any of our competitors.

  • A support team that is knowledgeable and skilled
  • 24 hour availability
  • Easy communication options
  • Key partnerships
  • Strategic consulting

Our knowledgeable and Skilled Team

A team of qualified and experienced professionals is at the back of our predictive dialing systems that are web based. Our support staff has in depth grasp of the supporting technologies for today’s modern calling solutions. We are also aware of the business level issues which are faced by virtual as well as traditional call centers. This expertise enables our support staff to address customers’ needs in a very professional and prompt manner.

24 Hour Availability

Some businesses work round the clock and we support those business in the same manner. Our team will be available round to clock to such businesses for answering their questions, solving their problems, providing them tips and a lot more.

Easy Communication Options

It is one of our primary objectives that our service should be quick and easy for our customers. In order to achieve this, our support team is available 24 hours a day through various communication options like email, live chat, phone and remote desktop. It is entirely the privilege of our customers that how they want to reach us.

Key Partnerships

Our staff is experienced in call center software and other allied activities. As a result, we have been successful in building a large network of different vendors of the industry. Our experience enables us to recommend to you the best lead providers in the industry. Our recommended lead providers have rock solid reputation in the industry and have a proven success record. We are also working in conjunction with many vendors of services and software that deal in renowned and proven solutions. These third party services and tools augment the working of our predictive calling software.

Strategic Consulting

Our staff at Vicidial is not only expert in predictive calling systems but they are also fully aware of the business level issues faced by virtual or traditional call centers. Resultantly, they are well placed to offer expert advice to all kinds of call centers in a reasonable and effective manner. Our advice is aimed at augmenting agent productivity and maximizing the outcomes form telemarketing efforts and campaigns.

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