How 888 toll free numbers can affect your business? Are 888 numbers toll free? Why use them? Yes, 888 numbers are toll-free and customers call on them to enquire about the particular company and its service. They are use chiefly as a marketing tool which can track the marketing efforts of a company. How can I locate a call through 888 toll free numbers? Toll-free numbers are generally circulated to large parts of the country. If you receive a call from somewhere, how would you know about the person or the area? These toll-free numbers help in creating extensions which are generally associated with a particular campaign. One number is provided for the print, another for the website. This toll-free number can increase you call volume. Will my business shift affect your customer-base? A location does not matter for a toll-free number. You can shift your business from one place to another, and still your customers will be able to access you. They won’t even know about it. All your call on that number will be forwarded to your cell phone, and you will be able to attend your customer queries from anywhere. Can I own my 888 toll-free numbers? If you purchase a certain 888 number, it will be completely yours and you will own it forever. No matter you shift your location, the number will still work. How can I improve by customer base? The primary work of 888 toll-free numbers is helping a business improve its customer base. It is really frustrating for a customer to go through several leaflets, brochures and sites in order to find the contact number of a company. These toll-free numbers are easy to remember and are available on the product. How expensive are 888 numbers? Usually the cost of the services depends on the service provider. The various factors included within the price charged for an 888 number are the service provider, the minutes one uses, the actual number and the plan one decides to choose/ Is 888 toll-free? Why? Yes, 888 is a toll-free number and it is mainly used for the purpose of toll-free calling by customers to various companies and services. Not only 888, there are several other numbers too which are toll-free. The purpose of subscribing for toll-free numbers is their easy access by customers. It is a popular way of advertising for your business and the products you sell. If the call-charges, people are most likely to call your customer care center and gather information about your products. Why should I go for 888 and not 800? 888 is a more recent number and you will totally own it. Once you won the number you will be given the right to choose the services and also on them. The more toll-free numbers a business has the professional it looks. It does not matter from where you are running your operations, as your customers will only get to speak with you. How can 888 toll-free numbers give me national presence? You will be freed from the hassle of a national clout, if you have a toll-free number. People from all over the nation will be able to buy your services and products without you personally reaching out to them.