We at Vicidial solutions offer you one of the best ways to collect funds from a large number of people simultaneously and to campaign at a greater scale in a limited time period.

How can our alliance help you in both the causes?

We know that the best way to ask for funds is face to face. The only way people can be persuaded to donate is if you get personal with them and build trust. Going door to door to the entire nation and asking for funds is not just a stupid idea but it is also a really tedious thing. We provide you with various calling solutions that allow you to make calls to a huge number of people right at the same time. These software have the ability to eliminate all those calls that are received by answering machines, fax machines and busy signals. The moment they recognize that the response on the other end is not a human response they move on to the next number. In this way, the representatives get to talk to breathing people only; or live contacts.

Besides solutions like Market Dialer allow you a variety of additional features; like when the soft ware detects a live call it automatically puts up a script on the screen. This script increases the efficiency of the caller. Besides the script a customized web form also appears on the screen. This web form allows the representatives to collect data. They can customize the data form just as they please.