How important is toll free number? It has become very important for every organization that aspires to grow and beat competition to get a toll free number. This is because it lets the customers to get easy reach to the establishment, without them having to spend a single penny, which is an added advantage for them. Is it possible to get toll free numbers both domestic and international? There are many companies that do offer toll free numbers to its clients globally. Now, one can avail a toll free number not only in their own country, but also in other countries all over the world. This does help the organization to have a wider reach. What are the general facilities provided by toll free number providers? There are plenty of facilities that are provided by the toll free number providers. Some of them do not charge any set up fees, it can be cancelled at any point of time, calls can be answered from any place, and the number can be activated within minutes. Benefit of getting one The toll free numbers do make it very convenient and comfortable for the customers to call on the business at any point of time. Armed with dedicated phone number of any country, the organization can effectively service customers, irrespective of their location. Does it help in increasing business? Studies have proved that those organizations that have installed the toll free numbers have reaped in the benefit and been able to take care of the demands and requirements of its customers and also meet their concerns in the right way, which has led to increased sales.