Understanding how to get toll free number This is a question that is asked mostly by organizations across the globe. Toll free numbers these days have become very popular, since it does attract the customers towards the organization and helps in increasing the status of the business by leaps and bounds. How to get a toll free number? Essentially, such toll free numbers are provided by telecom companies all over the world. The business establishment needs to make a proper application with the telecom company for availing the required toll free numbers. How to find a company that provides the toll free number? By doing a thorough search on the Google, it is possible to find various telecom companies that do provide a toll free number. Also, friends, agents or anyone known to use such numbers can be sought help for getting a connection. How does the telecom company provide the toll free number? The telecom companies do have separate marketing team that is generally termed as enterprise solution to provide leased lines, toll free numbers, and generally operate through franchisees. Therefore, contacting a local franchisee in the area can also help to get one. What is to be asked? While searching for toll free number, it is essential to ask the operator if this number is accessible from every telecom operator (both landline and mobile) or not. Is this service for free? Toll free numbers are free for the caller, however, for the organization that owns it, they need to pay a specific charge on it that varies from one operator to the other and also in call volume.