If you are looking forward to find a tough, full-feature call center software or the best predictive dialer, Vicidial is indeed the safest bet. We have marched our way through to be distinguished amongst the rivals due to the great products with innovation that could send the performance and potential of your business sky-rocketing high.

Leading the innovation!

The best aspect of the VoIP predictive dialers by Vicidial is the fact that it could phenomenally anticipate the instance when the agent would be accessible. In addition, the calls are placed just at the right moment. Ensuring that you get it answered by an individual, something not a norm with other similar products. This further ensures that there would be an upsurge in the productivity, and the products and services of company could be efficiently promoted.

More success, less expenditure

The yet another very striking aspect of the Vicidial Call centre products is the astonishingly low level of investment it requires to employ technology at your office. A single solution from Vicidial would be enough to cater all your communication needs, making all other expenses disappear. To add to this, the investment required is not a ‘long-term’ one, and you could instead pay for a single month, test the services (which surely would compel you to re-invest), and act accordingly. Vicidial is the only service that grants such a privilege.

The multi-purpose, feature-rich Call Centre

With a Vicidial hosted solution, you could pretty conveniently opt for all the available features. Be it the qualifying leads, or a VoIP call. A product would enable you to take helpful Polls, and promote products worth more perfection. The instantaneous data imports also leads to increased customer base. In addition, the prospect of team viewing and remote access to the system great increases the convenience All in all; Vicidial is sincerely devoted to cater all your business needs.