About international toll free numbers Are international toll viable for the business? It has been noticed that organizations that have implemented the toll free numbers in its business has got success and has been expanding at a fast pace than those organizations that has not introduced it. As a matter of fact, getting the toll free numbers is very easy and it just needs a couple of minutes to go global, if the right provider and the right plan is selected. What are the benefits of such numbers? These numbers can be availed in any country across the globe. It helps the customers to reach the business establishment quickly and to get their concerns or issues solved by the customer care or to place new orders in just a couple of minutes. The numbers are active 24/7 and 365 days, which means increased volume of business and enhanced sales, leading to better revenue. Facilities offered by the telecom providers for setting up the Toll free numbers Calls can be answered at any point of time, no set up fees are charged and the accounts can be cancelled if not required, without any hassle. Getting the numbers instantly There are plenty of providers who are eager to offer toll free numbers without any long term commitments. The callers from any part of the world can reach the business within seconds at no expenses charged to them. The calls can be forwarded to any of the existing phone connections, be it the cell phone, PBX or main office.