Vanity Toll Free Numbers – Overview

Vanity toll free numbers are considered effective marketing and branding tools, allowing businesses to become more reputable and increase awareness amongst potential customers faster and better. Usually, vanity toll numbers are represented through a mnemonic word that follows a series of 3-4 numbers, such as 1-800-MORTGAGE or 1-800-FLOWERS. Researchers have proven that customers are more likely to remember a vanity toll number, which contains a word, rather than a numerical toll number. According to a 2009 study, 72 percent of participants were able to remember the vanity toll number in a 30-second advertisement, as compared to 5 percent of participants who managed to remember a numerical toll-free number.

Generally, vanity toll free numbers are offered by both phone companies and third-party services in different packages, coming along with other services and features as well. Typically, vanity toll numbers can help business owners create a unique brand, letting customers associate specific words or phrases with their businesses. For instance, those companies that design and sell wedding cakes can choose a number that is similar to 1-800-WEDDING-CAKE or 1-800-CAKE. By creating an authentic and unique vanity toll number, your prospects will be more likely to remember and associate it to your business.

Vanity numbers can be successfully used when advertising your business, primarily because they are more visible and will be easily recalled by those who see them. Expecting a person to remember ten digits seems unrealistic when compared to remembering only 3-4 digits plus a word or phrase. As a result, vanity toll numbers can constitute efficient marketing tools that can help your business grow undoubtedly much in a very short time.

Many times, customers tend to consider those businesses that have vanity toll free numbers more professional compared to others, which will automatically result in better chances of converting people to paying customers. Even though some of them might not be actually familiarized with what they truly mean, they will be more likely to search their meaning and use them further to gain access to some specific services or products.

Regardless of how you look at this matter, such numbers are significantly better compared to regular toll free numbers. Thankfully, getting a vanity toll free number is inexpensive, requiring you to pay no more than $10 a month – of course, the price can be higher depending upon the provider and the plan that you opt for.