A politician might make the best out of Vicidial calling solutions by using it to gather opinions, preach their agendas, and invite them to an event or procession- all in a very short notice. The predictive dialer would ensure that the volunteers would call more people in a given amount of time since there is not much delay due to excellent signal quality, and the dialing is fully automated. The best feature is that only when an individual picks up the call, the call dialer transfers it you, and not when a voice mail box or a software picks it up. This is amongst the most innovative facilities and not a norm in other dialers.

Productivity is greatly amplified

With the Vicidial calling centre solutions, the productivity of your political campaign would see a dramatic upsurge. Usually calling such a large number of people comes out to be a futile task, as most the calls do not get picked, or half of  the dialing attempts see no result due to ‘bad signals’ This could prove costly for a matter as serious as politics. Hence, with Vicidial, you could ensure that only that calls are transferred to the agents where the individuals respond to it. In addition, the lags are avoided and so are the unnecessary call transfers to voice mails in between. This could prove crucial in the political campaign.

Economical yet very effective

It’s not always all about the efficiency, but costs too could be a determining factor when choosing the best web hosted call solutions. Vicidial again takes the gold for being very cheap and yet presenting all the essential features that need to be there to make sure that the political campaign gets the right kind of telemarketing. There is no costly hardware and setup costs involved- just a small, pay as you go investment- and you are done, big time!

The full-fledged package

As hinted above, the Vicidial solutions are a complete package for all your needs- and you would find most in not all the recent features in there.