To pay as you please

Vicidial solutions was formulated keeping in mind only one thing; to facilitate its client to the maximum possible limit. We provide you with solutions that are flexible and feasible too.

You have various options regarding how you would want to pay for the software or solutions that you happen to buy from us.

For those who are new to this type of service:

For those that are new to our service and still doubtful about us and our performance can choose to pay on monthly basis for our services. In this way, they can have our services, test them and still make sure that the services remain feasible enough; allowing your business the chance to make maximum benefit. When it comes to paying monthly, we understand that you only want to test our services that is why if you want to you can unsubscribe at any time, you will not be help bound by any contract what so ever.

For those who know what to expect:

The second paying option is the annual paying options. This option is mostly considered by people who have already had a taste of the predictive dealers but are now looking forward to better and more profitable deals. We give them excellent service in the lowest possible monthly fees. In this way we keep them happy in all possible ways.

The added benefit that we give you:

When it comes to setting up your call center lay out then you will be relieved to know that we do not charge even a single dime to you for doing that. The installation of all the things are done free of charge.  The price that you pay for is the service itself, the implementation of the solutions, training to the people who are concerned with the service and the technical help that is mostly ongoing since there are technical things in which even the highest order professionals can sometimes get stuck and wired up.