What you need to set up a calling center

We know that setting up a call centre does not seem like an easy task, but trust us when we say that we have put in all the efforts that we could possibly employ to ensure that setting up a call centre is easy and convenient for you.

The first and foremost requirement:

There are various things that you require in order to set up your call centre. The most significant thing that you need is an internet connection. Wi-Fi or DSL does not make a difference, what we need is fast internet that can support and deliver up to 64 kbps. This speed should allow you to transact data on both sides and administer traffic on both sides too. The internet that you use to set up your call centre business must have an acknowledged download speed of 100 kbps.

You can not do without headset

The other requirement that is a must is a headset that is compatible with a USB. Such a head set will allow you to make calls, which is the primary function in the call centre. For your own ease and comfort you should make sure that he headset that you choose should be extremely comfortable to wear. Since the entire time that you will be working you will be working with the help of the headset and if that is not comfortable then you will definitely have a hard time working.

The computer system that allows you to work

You also require a computer system. You must work with something that is more powerful than or as powerful as a Pentium 3. The most optimum operating system for a call centre would be a Pentium 4 computer that has a dual core with a value of 1.5 GHz. It must have a RAM of at least 512 MB. A lower RAM would affect the processing speed very negatively. The best RAM capacity would be 1 GHz.