Contact Center Software

Demands of the industry have been soaring and contact centers have ventured into almost all the industries dealing with all kinds of things. These industries range from healthcare to banking to insurance to real estate. There has been almost one hundred percent increase in production and revenue rates.

Call Center Applications

Vicidial takes pride in offering all kinds of integrated solutions for with various sizes of call centers for all kinds of products ranging from wholesale to real estate, insurance, mortgage, health care etc.

Hosted Call Center

Hosted software based applications of Vicidial are being used by hundreds of satisfied customers. Our customers range from nonprofit charities to startups and global multinationals. Thousands of users use our solutions concurrently across all the continents. Our solutions are robust enough to cater to the needs of all call centers of all sizes.

Predictive Dialing

These are essentially calling systems that use built in database for making outbound calls. Large lists of phone numbers are loaded into databases of these systems and the predictive dialer based software places calls after picking phone numbers from these databases.

Predictive Auto-Dialer

These are computer based systems made for calling people based on the built in lists that are loaded with phone numbers. These phone numbers are stored in the form of a database. These predictive auto dialer solutions are very popular in the telemarketing segment of industry.

Contact Center Solutions

Vicidial is a company that offers solutions based on hosted call center applications for different business niches. The solutions of Vicidial are robust enough to handle large volume of calls. They also have enough backend support for all sizes of business ranging from startups to large scale organizations.

Virtual Center

There are many companies which allow working from home. Large teams of people who are geographically distant from each other are very popular now. People work from their home or from place of their convenience. Such places are called virtual centers. This kind of environment gives relaxed circumstances for work and workers can work from their own locations without any formal dress code and other requirements.

Web Based Dialer

This is essentially a computer based solution that places automatic calls to numbers picked from a large database of phone numbers intelligently. The solutions bypasses busy numbers, phones which are on answering machines, phones that are on fax and any phones that are not being attended. These are just some of the powerful features available in it.

Mortgage Software Systems

Mortgage industry is all praise for Mortgage dialer. Mortgage companies all over the country are taking benefit from this solution. These dialer solutions are being extensively used in industries such as retail, healthcare, banking, government and a lot more. Our system has no limit as far as type of industry is concerned because we have made it flexible and it can be optimized and customized according to the industry where it is being deployed.

Predictive Calling

This is a function by the calling software which performs some checks on the call and ensures that there is a live person on the other end of the call. It performs these checks based on intelligent algorithms. Once it is satisfied of this, only then it transfers calls to the calling agent.

Advanced Software

Vicidial has addressed the ever increasing needs of the industry and developed advanced software. Vicidial spent thousands of hours and dollars in research and development to develop this very intelligent and capable software that is named Market Dialer. The software was developed taking into account the problems and alternative solutions available with the calling and telemarketing industry.

Telemarketing Industry Software

Quality of the leads critically determines the success of failure of a telemarketing campaign. Vicidial solutions have developed a solution which is infinitely better than CRM solutions available. It has a very intelligent predictive calling algorithm which adjusts to agent performance and gives best results.

Predictive Dialing Software

This is very useful software that is configured to place automated calls to numbers derived from a preloaded database of numbers. It is different from manual dialing in the sense that it will filter the useless types of calls (fax machines, busy phones and phones on answering machines etc.)

Mortgage Call Center Software

Vicidial ranks among the top call center solutions providers. The software of Vicidial is very specialized as far as lead generation of mortgage business is concerned. Vicidial markets its very popular and powerful software for mortgage industry under the name of Mortgage Dialer.