The solutions that we provide you with

We have three contact centre software’s to offer you. We understand that every company has different needs and requirements. No matter how flexible one soft ware can be it is still better to go with a software that is a perfect fit.

That is why we have introduced three different types of software’s under the banner of the same name; contact centre software. The names of the three software are outbound call center, Blended call center and Auto dialer.

The outbound call centre software and its features

The outbound call centre is a predictive dialer. It has CRM ability. It even has the voice mail facility to facilitate you to the extreme. It can help you communicate effectively in a group since it supports call conferencing.  It comes with a call back notification, campaign manager and coaching monitor. The campaign manager ability allows the software to set the duration of the dialing time, send assignment to agents and drive multitudes of campaigns all at the same time. It has the ability to import data. It even has the ability to store history.  It complies with all the rules and regulations when it comes to pricing the various features. It can collect data with the help of forms. The data that is collected is ultimately stored in the CRM database. From where the information can be accessed and reached.  It can help in coaching as it allows the authorities to record a call of any agent at all so that they can review the agent’s performance and then help him improve accordingly.

The other two software as compared to the outbound call center

Blended call center has ACD; this feature allows the calls to be prioritized, and then routed according to the priority this helps in increasing the efficiency of the work.

The Auto dialer as the name implies has the ability to allow you to make an automatic call. It allows you to perform many other functionTelephone might be the best possible media for marketing after face to face marketing. It is one of the most exceptional ways available to get quality interaction time between the customer and the business, company or service.

Telephone marketing or data collection is an instant form of marketing and data collection. Once you call, it is really hard for people who are concerned to not pick up the call or just ignore what the call is about.

Simply put, the more you work for the more you get

The greater a representative calls around, the larger number of people he calls to the larger number of people he will ultimately inform of the service or product. This will ultimately result in a larger number of people buying the product or subscribing for the service.

How it increases efficiency:

It increases the number of successful calls by terminating calls that are of no use. Such calls include when on the other end a machine answers and not a human that can be convinced. The success rate of a fund raising campaign or any other campaign is directly proportional to the number of successful calls that are made. Calls that are unsuccessful simply put are a waste of time.

Apart from saving you time in that manner, it also allows you to save your time by performing automatic dialing. Not just that it can dial numbers simultaneously and thus eliminate the time that an agent would waste dialing calls manually. It can even import call lists that were used for one purpose and use them for another purpose.s that the other two call centre software perform.