Reasons for organizations to use toll free phone numbers Is there a need for toll free phone numbers? With increasing competition, there is indeed a genuine need for having toll free numbers these days. Furthermore, the toll free numbers can be availed by any type of business, be it big or small or from any part of the world. Is it easy to get a number of particular toll free area codes? Yes it is easy to find numbers for a particular area code. Are these affordable and their importance? It is very easy in obtaining such numbers and also quite affordable. Even small business establishments and individuals can use it for their personal purpose. As a matter of fact, the importance of these numbers has been growing by leaps and bounds. The business establishments that have been using such numbers are perceived to be more established, since it does appear to show a higher level of professionalism. Furthermore, the digits do convey the feeling that the organization is performing business on a wide level and as plenty of customers to take care of, the reason why, it had to go for a toll free number. Therefore, the consumers view the organization to be highly competent and be in a position to provide high quality services. Scope and location of the business The toll free number is very much vital for establishing a convenient contact method, especially if the clients are based outside the local area code. It has been proved that customers are more eager to call on the toll free numbers than using the local exchanges.