Getting to know the ease of the toll free numbers The toll free phone numbers are considered to be a very powerful marketing tool for any organization to make a long lasting impression on the existing and prospective customers, who are sure to be motivated for calling more often to remove their concerns or to place new orders, since they are not obliged to pay any phone call charges made by them. While running a business, the telephone communication undoubtedly plays a crucial role for helping the business to expand, to improve sales and the customer base. It can be termed to be an investment that is sure to bring the best returns in the long run and to overcome stiff competition and thrive in the business. The toll free number could be defined as the telephone number, which is free for the caller, as the charges would be borne by the recipient. The toll free phone numbers widely are referred to as the 800 numbers and have expanded rapidly to include the toll free area codes such as 855, 866, 877 and 888. This basically serves as a king of call forwarding feature, since they route calls made from anywhere in the country straight to the pre-determined local phone, be it the office phone or the individual’s personal cell phone. Since, toll phone numbers have been designed principally for customers/caller for reaching a business, but without the charges, the 800 number can be termed to be a powerful form or commercial expertise and customer service that have been reported to help the business to have an elevated status in the particular industry.