About Toll free conference call providers There are plenty of toll free call providers that offer conferencing services to allow participants of a conference to call in at the cost-free phone numbers, rather than the regular landline or cell phone numbers, which otherwise, might  cost them money, minutes or even both. The cost of the call here is borne by the organization or any individual that initiates the conference. This way, it is possible to avoid the other members involved in the conference to save their money during the long conference calls. This type of cost free calls also help in increasing the participant numbers and has really proven to be a boon for the organizations that has been trying to hold conferences among employees located at different places to hold calls for marketing and sales, or to meet with the potential clients. It has been noticed that many organizations these days have simply moved from holding face to face conference meetings and has started to have regular phone-in conferences, call in webinars along with slide-show capabilities and to the fully video capable conferencing calls. Now, with the presence of full video, it is possible for the meetings to be once again face to face, however, only at a fraction of the original cost and also saving on the hassles of travelling overseas or around the country and a good amount of money in the process. With the presence of cool tools, it is now possible to record the presentations, conference calls, webinars, video conferences, etc. and can be posted on the organization’s website, with much ease.