It has been noticed that most billboards and advertisements have a message on them, which states ‘Call the toll free number’. The number on display is actually a telephone number that begins with 0800, 800 or 1800 based on its location. There are minor variations in the structure and terminology of the numbers. In the United Kingdom, they are called free phone numbers, in Australia, the U.S. and in most countries as toll free numbers. The main functionality of business establishments displaying their toll free numbers is the fact that the customers when calling on this number for the purpose of enquiry for a particular product or service, they are not charged for the call. Organizations tend to use these numbers for encouraging their customers to make enquiries or place orders and are conceived to be a great way to reach them. Customers do prefer to call such lines, as they are aware that they do not have to bear any kind of charge and can freely ask whatever questions they have in mind, in regards to the products and services. These are considered to be virtual numbers, since, they do not link with any specific landline, however, are redirected by service provider to a particular physical landline number, which is owned by the organization. Therefore, when the caller makes the call on the toll free, this call is routed or forwarded to a single or more than one physical landline, depending on the configuration. Establishments may have the calls configured geographically for receiving at different landlines or have them configured at various lines, depending on the time the call is received.