With a toll free directory, life becomes quite convenient and easy for the common man for obtaining different types of information and to conduct inquiries, without actually having the need to pay for any of the calls made in such numbers. This idea of the organization paying up for the charges for its customers, is said to have generated way back in the late eighties and picked up since then, especially with online business getting more popular among the common people, all over the world. The toll free directory comprises of a huge list of numbers that are alphabetically listed or depending on the business categories. This directory moreover, provides other kinds of contact information such as the physical address of the business, emails, besides containing sponsored advertisements. Toll free directory numbers convenience is well understood. Irrespective of the fact that it is a query on the product features, general inquiry, feedback or billing information, this number is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and convenient form of communication, which is available readily for free to the consumers. Also, using the toll free directory is very much simple and with some tools present, searching for the numbers becomes quite easy. The interested individual can simply search for business names, keywords, categories and the reverse phone number look ups on this directory. Toll free numbers do provide immense facilities and benefit both businesses and consumers alike. Locating a service provider becomes easy and information on them can be availed at no additional cost.