Voice Over Internet Protocol FAQs

How does a VoIP work?
VoIP is all about making a call through internet protocol via computer or other gadgets that’s connected with the internet. Some of the gadgets through which the calls can be made are: a computer, traditional phone connected with a special adopter, a special VoIP phone, etc.,

VoIP works in the conversion method, it will take your voice and convert it into a digital signal which is a preferred method when it’s require to pass through internet. And on the other end, if it is a standard number that you have called to, it will be converted to a normal phone signal ahead of reaching the end user.

Voice over Internet Protocol: FAQs

What’s the difference between a VoIP and a standard phone?
In standard phone, the communication will be through copper wires and in Voice over Internet Protocol, the information will be transferred over internet as a digital signal. This provides more scope for VoIP phones to have more features than a standard phone.

What are some of the features?

Please look for features here.

Can you use VoIP to replace your phone line completely?
Yes, you can. Only that there are some factors you need to consider VoIP enabled phone numbers.

Can you make calls to absolutely anyone?
This will depend on your voice over internet protocol service. You may be able to call any phone number or call only to numbers that are subscribed to the service.

What do you need to be able to use voice over internet protocol?
To enjoy the features and advantages of voice over internet protocol, you will need to have Internet connection. You will also need a computer to access the Internet. You could also use a normal phone to function as VoIP phone. Explore and use the features of voice over internet protocol to maximally realize the benefits. This is the new trend in communication. Every customer and business person is using this technology, you should too take advantage.