Since we will be using the vicidial interface, you will need a softphone like X-lite. Zoiper. Or Eye-Beam as a means of audio for both sound and microphone.

NOTE: The agent credentials will be provided by the eDialer’s manager or owner.

1. Log in to the agent screen using Google Chrome.

2. Click “ViciDial Log in”

3. Then click “Agent Login”

4. Type in your phone credentials.

5. Then your user credentials.

6. Choose your campaign from the dropdown field

7. This is the ViciDial Interface. You will notice the main call buttons are smaller, along with the Customer information fields.

8. The Script and Form tabs are both located at the top left of the page.

NOTE: This interface doesn’t have the SMS or text tab, call history, and Google maps.

9. For the outgoing manual dial, click the manual link at the bottom of the page.

10. Leave the dial code one as is.

11. Then, copy-paste the 10 digit phone number on the second field.

12. Keep the box checked, if you like, to pull any existing customer information, if it’s previously uploaded in the dialer.

13. Then, click the Dial now Link.

14. Click the hang-up customer button when you’re done.

15. Then, the disposition buttons will show. You can choose your preferred disposition and click submit.

16. You are now active and ready to take your first call.