Now that I have shown you the user levels and admin interface option in the eDialer system, let’s do a walkthrough on what these settings look like on the vicidial page.

  1. Just like in eDialer, this menu is where you select the vicidial user level.

NOTE: What are these levels for?

Level 1 Logs you to vicidial

Level 2 or higher allows the user to take inbound calls.

Level 7 or higher to view reports.

Level 8 or 9 to get into the admin web section.

**Please note that in the administration screen, users with level 8 access will not be able to modify their own user account.

**Only users with level 9 access can view and modify their own settings.

So, be careful when assigning a manager a user level of 9.

  1. Unlike eDialer, the admin interface option is shown in one long list of settings.

3. You can click the circle with a question mark, to open a new pop-up box that shows what the field is for.

4. On these drop-down settings, one means active and zero means inactive.


Feel free to navigate through these settings and see what privileges and restrictions you can allow the users.