In the e-dialer campaign, there are multiple ways on how you can set up the Caller ID. Please check our videos on different CID setups.

Today, we will focus on how to set up an agent’s custom Caller ID in eDialer system.

A. In the e-dialer system, you can set up your campaign caller ID to be agent specific which means it’s possible for each agent to have his own phone number and caller ID.

Here’s a step by step setup:

1. Login to your e-Dialer Administration Dashboard. Go to Admin Menu

2. Now to Phones and show phones.

3. Click Modify to the Phone extension that you want to add the Caller ID.

4. Add the 10 digit phone number on the 4th field that says “Outbound CallerID”

5. Then, scroll at the bottom of the page to save changes.

NOTE: Just by adding the phone number, the phone extension outbound caller ID will override the outbound campaign caller ID.

B. If the agent has manual dial capability and you want to set the agent’s own CID active. Then,

1. Go to Campaigns.

2. Then, Campaigns main.

3. Click modify.

4. Under Additional Dial Settings, look for the field “Manual Dial CID”.

5. Choose, “agent phone” on the drop-down box and click save changes.

C. For 3-way transfers, Agents can have an option which CID to show to the 3rd party or transfer number they want to connect to.

1. To set this up, still within the campaign settings, go to: “Additional Transfer Options Settings”.

2. Then, look for “3-Way Call Outbound CallerID”.

3. Under the dropdown options, choose the best one that will fit the settings you prefer.

4. You can click the circle with a question mark, next to the field for a full definition of each options.

5. Then, click save changes.