Today’s walk through will be about the Alt or alternate Phone Dial. If you have a 2nd phone number in your leads, you can include the 2nd number in your ViciDial calling list.

First, we need to setup the alt phone statuses for your campaign.

  1. To do this, go to your ViciDial’s admin dashboard. 
  1. Then, to auto alt dial. 
  2. Now, click modify to the campaign you want to add the alt statuses. 
  3. The B, N. N.A and DC statuses that you see here are the defaults in ViciDial. 
  4. If you need to add more status, you can select from the drop down box and click add. 

What this means is, if the 1st dialed number falls to any of the statuses listed here, the dialer system will call the 2nd number.

So, if the first phone number is dispositioned as any other call status not listed here then, the dialer will skip calling the 2nd number and will proceed to the next lead to call.

  1. Now, that you have added the dial statuses in auto alt dial, click Detail Menu on top. 
  2. Look for Auto Alt-Number Dialing.
  1. Then, from the drop down box choose ALT Only. 
  2. Then save changes.