This tutorial will be about how to setup CID local presence also known as AC-CID for a campaign.

What is CID local presence?

This allows you the ability to set custom caller ID numbers per campaign for outbound calls by area code. This can be set to have a single or multiple CID for every areacode.

Let’s get started.

  1. First, make sure you have all the phone numbers you want to use as your CID ready.

Note:  You can choose your CID from our website: Or, reach out to support, for a discounted bulk price.

  1. Now, before anything else, you need to set up your campaign to local presence or AC CID.

a. Go to the vichi-dial dashboard.

b. Then, Campaigns and Campaigns Main.

c. Click Modify.

d. Then, under Custom CallerID choose “AreaCode”.

e. Then, submit.

   3. Now we are ready to add the CIDs.

a. Still on your campaign’s detail view, go to AC-CID.

b. Unlike in eDialer interface, vichi-dial interface only has a one-by-one CID upload. To do this just add your 3 digit area code.

c. Then, the CID assigned for the area code.

d. You can leave the description blank or add notes, then add.

e. Do this for the rest of the CID you want to add.

f. When done, check the active box one by one to activate the CIDs.

g. Then, click submit.

You’re all set!