1. First, login to your ViciDial admin dashboard. 
  1. Then go to Campaigns. 
  1. Campaigns Main. 
  1. Click Modify to the campaign you want to setup the call drop route. 
  1. Look for the field “Drop Call Seconds”.

Drop Call Seconds is the number of seconds from the time the lead or customer picked up the phone until the call is considered a DROP.

eDialer’s default is set to 5 seconds but you can increase or decrease the time before the call routes.

  1. Choose an option from the “Drop Action” field that defines what happens to a call when it has been waiting for longer than the defined number of seconds.

The default is set to Audio, which means it will play the default voice prompt “goodbye” before it hangs up. 

  1. Now, under the “Drop Action” you will see several options on how you want to route the call drop. 

HANGUP means, it will just hang up the call after the set number of drop seconds.

MESSAGE will send the call the Drop Exten field. You can use this option if you want to transfer a drop call to a 3rd party number.

VOICEMAIL will send the call to the voicemail box

INGROUP will send the call to an Inbound Group defined in the Drop Transfer Group field.

VMAIL NO INST will send the call to the voicemail box that you have defined below and will not play instructions after the voicemail message.

Let’s take this campaign as an example. Say, I want to route all call drops to another ingroup.

  1. Just set the number of seconds.
  1. Then the Drop action to ingroup. 
  1. Then under “Drop Transfer Group”, choose the ingroup you want to route the call to from the drop down box. 
  2. Then, Save changes.