Today I will walk you through how to set up the quick transfers in a campaign.

These are the D1 to D5 buttons that you see in the Agent Interface.

You can set up a Maximum of 5 numbers with which 2 can have DTMF.

To setup, from the ViciDial administration dashboard.

  1. Go to Campaigns.

  1. Then, Campaigns Main.

3. Click Modify.

4. Then, look for the “Transfer-Conf Number 1” field.



Add the 10 digit number you want to use as a third party transfer number.

     5. Then click Save.

  1. If you need to add DTMF to a number, you need to assign it to either D1 to D2 only.

Add this to “Transfer-Conf DTMF 1” or “Transfer-Conf DTMF 2”

7. Then click save changes.