This tutorial will be about how to set up a campaign’s transfer preset.

A transfer preset setup can be useful if you need to add more than 5 transfer numbers or you need to add a name code for each of your transfer numbers.

Let’s get started.

1. Login to your ViciDial admin dashboard.

2. Then, go to Campaigns.

3. Then campaigns main

4. Then, click modify.

5. We need to enable the transfer preset.

6. Choose enable under the “transfer preset” field.

7. Save changes.

8. Now go to the preset submenu on the left.

9. Click Modify to the campaign that you just enabled this function.

10. Under “Preset Name”, type in the name you want to call this transfer number setup.

This will also be the name that the agents will see in the agent interface, when they click the preset button.

11. Then, the 10-digit number under Number.

12. Then the DTMF if you need to add any.

13. “Hide Number” field will let you hide the transfer phone number.

14. Then click Submit.