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In this video, I will walk you through how to setup the User-specific Voicemail drop in the ViciDial campaign.

To know more about how to set up a general voicemail drop for the entire campaign, please check out our previous video.

Okay, so what is a User-specific Voicemail Drop.

Unlike a general voicemail drop that you can drop a single voicemail drop for the entire leads in the campaign, a user-specific voicemail drop means, an agent can set a voicemail drop individually to make the message more personal.

How do we set up a user voicemail drop?

First, before the actual dialer setup, convert your audio file to the dialer’s compatible audio file format, which is:

.wav files that are PCM Mono 16bit 8k; and, .gsm files that are 8bit 8k.

Second, rename your audio file as your agent’s user ID.

So, let’s take this for example.

If your agent user ID is 1006, then rename your audio file to 1006.wav

Now that you have renamed your audio file, you need to upload it to the dialer’s audio store.

To upload, go to the ViciDial administration dashboard.

Then, Admin.

Now, to Audio store & upload your file.

Now, going back to the admin dashboard, go to campaigns.

Then campaigns main, and choose the campaign you would like to add the voicemail drop, click Modify.

Then campaigns main and choose the campaign you would like to add the voicemail drop.

Now under AMD, Voicemail & IVR set the following:

For Answering Machine Detection, you can either enable it for the auto voicemail drop that only applies to predictive dialing method.

Or, keep it OFF for manual dial or agent initiated voicemail drop.

Under AMD send to Action, choose Y.

For Answering Machine Message, you need to fill this field with for DYN–A–user–B–

This means agent 1006 would look for a file named 1006.wav in your audio store to play.

Lastly, for “Wait For Silence Options”, we add 2000 comma then 2. No spaces.

Its the default value which means, the first option is how long to detect silence in milliseconds, and the second option is for how many times to detect that before playing the message.

Then, Click “Save Changes”.