How does a VoIP call work?

A VoIP call uses the internet rather than landline services to make calls. Once registered with a VoIP service provider, you will get a unique IP address. Depending on the service provider, you will get an app or an online setup to make and receive calls. As a call is placed over VoIP service, the voice is converted into digital signals. These signals are then transferred to the receiving side through the internet and decoded into manual signals.

Benefits of etollfree VoIP

Why do you need VoIP? Well quite simply for global connectivity with your clients and business partners. An VoIP number has the following features.


Quality is what distinguishes us from other service providers. We not only provide you with VoIP numbers and virtual setups but also give you the freedom to connect with the best available network. You can have endless high-quality conferences with


with a global business, you cannot possibly be present everywhere. To solve long-distance connectivity problems, provides virtual call center software to its customers. After getting our VoIP number, you’ll get a virtual setup with which you can manage a virtual global presence. You can also answer customer calls from anywhere, anytime.


Forget about phones being the only device for calls. With VoIP numbers, you can use any device connected to the internet and make or receive calls. The use of multi-gadgets also makes it easier and more efficient for companies to manage calls without necessarily keeping a specific device with them.


The secret of a successful business has always been satisfied clients. While it may seem bothersome, personalized greetings for customer calls are proven to be a better start. To make it accessible for our clients, also has the feature of recorded personalized greetings. You can either record it on your own or with the help of our professional voiceover artists. Moreover, you can also send and receive voicemails with our VoIP numbers and step up your customer care services.

5 provides its customers with codes of numerous localities. The virtual location code helps you create a virtual presence of your business in your desired location instead of physically moving it. For instance, a person wanting to connect with customers in Houston will choose the Houston code instead of moving there. also has a feature of connecting with remote team members. You can work as a single team irrespective of your location.


Having a VoIP number also enables you to get a toll-free number. Over time, small and medium businesses have also started using toll-free numbers to build a better brand reputation for their work. Toll-free numbers are the coded numbers that allow the customers to make free calls to companies while the recipient company pays for the minutes.
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Local calls and Long distance calls

Local calls are the calls you receive or make within the area of your landline code. For example, all the calls you receive with the +92 code while in Pakistan are local. Long distance calls are those made using a local code to another local code. Long-distance calls have varied charges depending on the area codes. With etollfree VoIP, you can place and receive long-distance calls for free and stay connected with your customers worldwide

VoIP Pros and Cons

Conclusion provides its customers with an easy-to-use setup. Through a simple process, you can register your company for our VoIP number and get started with your marketing. We also have free trials where you can have a first-hand experience of our services and then start with the paid version.