What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is the method of placing calls over the internet rather than landline networks. VoIP is a virtual number that allows you to make cheap local and international calls through the internet, WiFi, or cellular data.

A VoIP phone number is a cloud-based number that uses the internet to connect calls. However it uses an internet network and converts analog signals (your voice) into digital signals that are transferred over the internet.
Moreover etoll-free VoIP phone number enables you to select the best available network and have the best call experience with clear voice quality, lower rates, and easy accessibility.

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VoIP Termination
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VoIP with Phone Numbers

A common query to be addressed is can a person use VoIP on Android or iPhone. Yes!
Etollfree VoIP service enables you to use VoIP service through multiple devices, including your smartphone. however with our virtual setup and user-friendly interface, you can easily place VoIP calls like regular calls.
Moreover etollfree enables you to use multiple devices and receive or place calls from any location worldwide, as long as you have a working internet connection.

Types of VoIP Phone numbers

Etollfree allows you to choose from the various types of VoIP numbers that best suits your business. There are three main types,

Toll-free numbers

The most popular type of VoIP number is the toll-free number. Moreover these numbers are used by businesses to build a trustworthy and accessible image. Further toll-free VoIP numbers can be used by the customer to place free calls. Etollfree provides toll-free numbers and free call forwarding services at affordable rates with advanced features.

International VoIP numbers

International VoIP Phone numbers create an international virtual presence of your business and enable you to access the global business market. However you can choose any location worldwide according to your business requirements and get connected with your international clients. etollfree Internal VoIP Phone numbers enable you to make cheap international calls.

Local VoIP Phone Numbers

These VoIP numbers function within your country much like the landline numbers. However local VoIP numbers help you create a local business presence nationwide and make business connections easier and affordable.